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Penetration Testing: Testing Your Systems Against Security Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing, commonly known as pen testing, is a security test conducted to identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s computer systems, networks, or applications. This test simulates how cyber attackers could potentially breach systems and gain access to sensitive data. Penetration testing helps organizations detect security vulnerabilities and strengthens their resilience against cyber attacks.

Why Should You Conduct Penetration Testing?

Conducting penetration testing is an essential part of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Here are some benefits of conducting penetration testing:

  • Vulnerability Detection: Penetration testing identifies potential security vulnerabilities in your systems, pinpointing entry points that cyber attackers could exploit.
  • Risk Mitigation: Addressing identified security vulnerabilities reduces the risk of cyber attacks and makes your organization more resilient.
  • Testing Application and Network Security: Penetration testing provides a comprehensive security assessment by covering both applications and networks.

The Penetration Testing Process

  1. Planning: Determine the scope of the test and create a test plan.
  2. Reconnaissance: Gather information about systems and networks.
  3. Attack: Simulate attacks to identify security vulnerabilities.
  4. Reporting: Document identified vulnerabilities and provide recommended solutions.

Scope Of Penetration Test

The most important purpose of penetration tests is to determine how secure the institution is against a cyber attack. We apply 3 basic tests to detect this. The first is external network tests, which are tests based on detecting vulnerabilities in the Institution’s services open to the external network.

Secondly, internal network tests are a test we perform against threats that may occur from within the organization. The last one is the web service test, which is the test in which we identify vulnerabilities on the institution’s website.

In addition to the findings of these 3 main tests, if the institution requests, we conduct social engineering tests and measure the awareness levels of the institution’s employees in order to increase the information security awareness of people who are the weakest link in the cyber death chain

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